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Tattoo Ticket Gren Art

Tattoo Ticket Gren Art

Künstler: 🐺 Gren Art

Do you think Gren's art is so great that you would like to have one of his works tattooed on you? With this ticket you can purchase a license for your favorite motif.

Before having one of Gren Arts' works tattooed, please provide the following information:

  • This ticket gives you permission to use an artwork from Gren Art as a tattoo design, not for the actual tattooing itself.
  • Purchasing a ticket does not give you any rights to the artwork other than having it tattooed.
  • Artwork marked “commission” may not be used as a tattoo.
  • you do not receive exclusive rights to the design (i.e. others can also have the design tattooed)
  • If you post your tattoo somewhere, Gren Art must be credited as the author of the design.

Please note that no physical ticket will be sent!

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