Anna Kersten

Anna has been part of the Katzengold team from the very beginning and without her many things in the warehouse and office wouldn't run smoothly!

In addition to packing your orders and writing invoices, Anna also started tattooing in the founding and Corona year of 2020. After a difficult start between lockdowns, Anna was able to successfully transfer her very own mix of thick black lines and watercolor from her drawings to skin ✨




Here you will find all of Anna's "wannados" - i.e. motifs that she has already drawn and would like to tattoo! :)
If you are interested in a Wannado, please also fill out our inquiry form and simply attach the Wannado picture.

There are more WannaDos from Anna here.


We have a few of Anna's products in our shop that you can support her by purchasing without having to make a permanent decision ;)