frequently asked Questions


How can I make an appointment?

To request an appointment, please use our form ! There we ask directly for all the important information✨

If you only have a few questions, you can contact us via WhatsApp on +49 1516 4870484 .

Can I come in without an appointment?

Yes! In our new location we finally have the opportunity to offer opening hours! You can find these at the bottom of our website.

Do I absolutely need an appointment for a tattoo?

With a lot of luck, we will have time for small tattoos even without a previously agreed appointment. It's best to give us a quick call first. Normally we need an appointment to plan.

Do you offer appointments on weekends?

Usually not, as most of us have someone at home who works during the week - so we like to keep our weekends to ourselves. 😉

Sometimes we are open for promotions but also on Saturdays. You can find information about this below under the opening times.

Tattoos in general

How much does a tattoo cost in your area?

Small tattoos start at €100 for us, and even less for trainees.

Since all other prices depend not only on the motif, placement and size, but also on the respective tattoo artist, we can only give you a more precise answer after your inquiry :)

Are your colors vegan?

Yes, our colors are vegan (and of course REACH compliant in 2023)!
We also make sure - as far as possible while adhering to hygiene regulations - to produce as little waste as possible and to use sustainable materials.

Do you also do cover-ups?

Basically yes!

Motifs with large, dark areas, such as Anna's, are particularly suitable for cover-ups.

Since the options for covering always depend entirely on your wishes and your existing tattoo, we can only answer this question after filling out our inquiry form .

Do you also sell vouchers?

Yes! You can find our vouchers here .