This is how you find us 🧭

You can find our small studio at Wallstrasse 56 in 40878 Ratingen . If that doesn't mean anything to you: Ratingen is right on the north of Düsseldorf ✨ (but we're not Düsseldorfers! 😋)

You may not see us directly when driving or walking past, as the entrance is in a small winter garden at the back of the building . (And we haven't put up any labels or signs since we've just moved in, oops) To do this, just walk past the house to the right and around the winter garden.
If you want to know exactly: there .
If you come from the parking garage or the city center, you can simply walk through our gate - just pull it behind you.

If you don't have an appointment with us, please make sure you visit us during our opening hours . We are also available for appointments outside of these times - but the door will still remain closed 🙏
You can find our opening times at the bottom of this page and on Google Maps .

🚗 Arrival by car

Since you most likely all have a sat nav, we'll skip the exact instructions here as to where you have to exit from which highway 😉

Instead, we would rather explain to you where you can park in downtown Ratingen.

Conveniently, the city of Ratingen has information about all parking garages and parking spaces summarized on this page . There you will find all current fees and also which streets are one-way. The studio is located exactly where P2 is marked.
P5 is also only 200m away.
The PB (town hall) car park is a little cheaper, but the direct route through the civil servants' lane is currently sometimes blocked by a construction site - so it's better to plan a few more minutes.

If you have a little time, it's also worth taking a walk along Brunostrasse and Karl-Theodor-Strasse. With a bit of luck you can often find free parking spaces there.

🚌 Arrival by bus & train

Although Ratingen is quite small compared to the surrounding cities, we are actually quite well connected. You can enter Ratingen Ost as the long-distance train station , from there it's just a few minutes to Ratingen Mitte with one of the buses, which run almost every minute, and from there it's just a 300m walk. Or you can walk directly from the east, which takes about 15 minutes.

Depending on where you come from, you can first go to Düsseldorf Airport train station and take bus 759 towards Ratingen Ost, which leaves there every 10 minutes during the week. It will take you around 25 minutes to get to the center - depending on the connection, this will be quicker than going east.

But here too, your navigation system will tell you more - these are just a few Ratingen public transport driver tips 😉