Tattoo Terms and Conditions


1.1 We only tattoo people aged 18 and over.

1.2 We do not tattoo people who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

1.3 We reserve the right to reject customers without justification.

1.4 Customers are obliged to inform us about possible allergies, medications or illnesses before making an appointment (e.g. HIV, hepatitis, epilepsy, etc.).

1.5 Children under 16 are generally prohibited from entering the studio.

1.6 Animals, including therapy dogs, etc., are not allowed to enter the tattoo rooms for hygienic reasons, nor are they allowed to be left unattended in other rooms or in front of the studio.


2.1 Appointments can be arranged using our form. All important information must be submitted via the form.


3.1 To reserve an appointment, a deposit is due, which must be received within 7 days of making the appointment in cash or by bank transfer to the following dates:

Owner: Marlene Musiol
IBAN: DE71 3004 0000 0830 2655 00
Purpose: “Deposit for tattoo appointment” + customer name, if different from the account holder)

The deposit is:
50€ for tattoos up to 200€
€100 for tattoos over €200
€200 for tattoos over €1000.

3.2 If we have not received payment within these 7 days, the reservation will expire and a new appointment must be made.

3.3 A deposit only needs to be paid for the first appointment. For subsequent appointments, the deposit will be transferred and charged to the last appointment.

3.4 The deposit is non-refundable and will be retained by us in the event of cancellation for the costs already incurred (advice, preparation, keeping the appointment free for other customers).

3.5 The deposit is forfeited in the following cases:
- if an appointment is canceled within 7 days before the appointment
- if the appointment is not or cannot be kept without prior cancellation. This also includes
- Appear in a condition (sick, under alcohol/drugs/medication) in which the customer cannot be tattooed.
- if no new appointment has been arranged within 30 days of canceling an appointment.
- if there are more than 60 days between two follow-up appointments.


4.1 Prices for tattoos are always individual and are based on the following criteria, among others: motif, size, color, body location, changes, etc.

4.2 Payment for the tattoo takes place after the session and can be paid in cash or via mobile banking.

4.3 Follow-up appointments within 3 months are free of charge. After the 3 months, a material cost contribution of €30 is due. If the tattoo has to be re-done due to incorrect or lack of care, the full price for the resulting working time will be charged.


5.1 We only engrave our own designs. Templates can be brought along as inspiration and reference, but we will not take them over under any circumstances.

5.2. Drawings are usually created the day before the appointment or together with the customer on the day of the appointment. An earlier completion of the drawing is only possible for an additional charge.

5.3 Our tattoo templates are the property of the tattoo studio and may only be used or taken away after consultation.

5.4 Unless the customer explicitly objects when making an appointment, we reserve the right to use the drawings made for the customer for other purposes (e.g. for printing on merchandise items). Of course, individual designs are only tattooed once (exception: WannaDos, which are declared as having been tattooed multiple times).


6.1 Appointments can be canceled once 7 days before the appointment without forfeiting the deposit. In the event of a cancellation after this deadline or the second postponement of the appointment, the deposit must be paid again.

6.2. A new appointment can be arranged within one month of the cancellation. After this period, the deposit expires and must be paid again. Alternatively, the deposit can be paid out within this period in the form of a voucher. Cash payment of the deposit is generally not possible.

6.3 If cancellation is made on the day of the appointment, we reserve the right to demand the full amount in advance as a deposit when re-arranging an appointment.

6.4 Cancellations can only be submitted by email at or via our appointment cancellation on this website.


7.1 Only sterile disposable needles and handles are used for tattooing.

7.2 Information about follow-up treatment and care instructions will be provided at the appointment. If you have any questions or problems, we are available at any time.

7.4 No liability is accepted for subsequent problems caused by, for example, incorrect care, ointment or lack of sun protection, etc.

7.5 In rare cases, health problems such as allergies may occur.

7.6 The tattoo may differ from the original in certain cases. For example, due to the condition of the skin, a cover-up, or if the customer cannot be guaranteed to sit still.

7.7 No liability is assumed if customers suffer damage based on insufficient information. This refers primarily (but not exclusively) to physical conditions, medical/medication conditions, or post-tattoo activities.

7.8 No responsibility is accepted for loss or damage to the customer's possessions that are brought into the studio.

7.9 Customers are obliged to behave appropriately when visiting the studio. If this is not the case, a warning may be issued. The team reserves the right to expel customers from the studio if they behave inappropriately and, if necessary, to issue a ban from the studio.

7.10 When concluding the contract, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions. In addition, if complications arise, customers waive any claims for damages and/or other costs incurred against the tattoo studio, the tattoo artists and suppliers.


8.1 Tattoo vouchers are only valid in the original with our signature.

8.2 Tattoo vouchers are transferable, the fields “for” and “from” are only used for private personalization.

8.3 Multiple tattoo vouchers can be redeemed at the same time.

8.4 Vouchers cannot be paid out.

8.5 If there is a remaining amount left after redemption, a new tattoo voucher will be issued.

8.6 Tattoo vouchers expire after the statutory limitation period of 3 years after issue.

8.7 A tattoo voucher does not guarantee an appointment with a specific tattoo artist at a specific time, but only serves as an alternative means of payment.

8.8 We reserve the right to refuse tattoo requests if they do not comply with our guidelines.