Tattoos are carried out in the Katzengold studio

  • 🌸 Advice

    Are you still unsure about your desired motif or do you have a few general questions about tattoos? No problem! We would be happy to arrange a free consultation with you. We can answer many of your questions by phone or WhatsApp. Or you can take a look at our collection of frequently asked questions. 👆

  • 🌸 Appointment request

    Are you pretty sure what you want from us? Then simply fill out our inquiry form ! There we will ask for all the information we need to confirm your appointment and tell you the number of appointments you need and the costs ✌️

  • 🌸Drawing

    We draw each design individually by hand for you. Of course, this is much more complicated than simply copying a picture from Pinterest - but it is important to us that every tattoo is and remains unique ⭐

  • 🌸 Preparation

    Before your appointment, you will receive another appointment reminder from us with the exact appointment dates and some information, which you can read here at any time 📜

  • 🌸The appointment

    Especially the very first tattoo is always an exciting event. So that you know what to expect, we have described the usual appointment process for you here .

  • 🌸 Aftercare

    Here you will find all the information about how to best care for your fresh tattoo. You will also get everything explained again on the day of the appointment 💕

Our tattoo team

The tattoo team at Atelier Katzengold consists of several independent artists, not all of whom necessarily tattoo full-time. Some work mainly as self-employed artists and sell their range at conventions, others study - but we are all passionate about it 💕
Except for a few events, it's very rare that we can all be found in one place (phew, that would be crowded too). Here you can get an overview of who we are and who you can make an appointment with ⭐

Guest tattoo artists from other cities or countries also visit us regularly - you can find out when you can meet us at the bottom👇


Style: Fineline, mainly animals and mythical creatures
Appointments: Open

Gallery & information

"Babytoad" / Claudia


Appointments: Open

Gallery & information


Style: Watercolor, prefers stronger lines
Appointments: Open

Gallery & information

"Village Witch"


Appointments: Open

Gallery & information

"Mrs A. Tattoo"


Appointments: Open

Gallery & information



Style: Chibi, Anime, Fineline
Appointments: Open


Gallery & information

"Ashura Art"


Style: Anime, Fineline

Appointments: Only follow-up appointments and ongoing projects

Gallery & information

Still questions? 😉

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have via WhatsApp, telephone or via our contact form 💕

But stop! You may also find the answers you are looking for in our collection of frequently asked questions: