• Training in the studio?

    We regularly receive enquiries about training courses at Atelier Katzengold.
    We are delighted about your keen interest and always enjoy reading your inquiries.

    Unfortunately, we currently do not have the capacity to take on trainees in our team on a long-term basis - which we also find a shame!

  • What about an internship?

    Even if we cannot take on trainees, we can still offer you the opportunity to start an internship with us, for example.

    Do you need a mandatory internship for your studies and are you allowed to complete it across different fields? Then write to us!

    What do we need from you?
    First and foremost, we want to know what kind of person we are dealing with. Send us a short unsolicited application with a small portfolio of your art. All of this by email to mail@atelierkatzengold.de :)

  • Are there other ways to get a taste of the tattoo profession?

    We have been thinking about offering affordable seminars for people interested in tattoos for some time now. However, we don't have a precise concept for this yet.
    But if there is any news, we will announce it here! <3