Sustainability 🌿

No matter how much fun they are, tattoos and everything you can buy in our shop are luxury goods that “nobody actually needs”.

This is precisely why it is important to us to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible and also to contribute something to climate and environmental protection. Of course, we too are stuck in our usual patterns and with some of what we do here, waste is unfortunately unavoidable - but let's see together how we can move forward together in a future-oriented direction 🙏

More sustainable


Tattooing and sustainable materials - is that even possible?

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For which products do you use sustainable alternatives?

Breaking down our entire range for you would probably take up a bit of space here. But we will give you three concrete examples where we already use sustainable alternatives:

Specifically, we no longer use plastic cups, but cups made from corn starch.
Our color caps are also not made of conventional plastic, but of "bio-plastic" with renewable resources (including corn starch).
When it comes to consumables such as bags, we already use sustainably produced products.

And what about the rest?

Of course, there are things for which we have no sustainable alternative.

This is especially true for products such as tattoo needles, disposable grips and anything that comes into direct contact with you.

Here, however, we adhere to the principle of not wasting unnecessary materials and only buying and using as much as we really need!

More environmentally conscious

online shop

Consumables and packaging materials

We are still working on this page :)

Articles in the shop

When it comes to the products in our shop, we make sure that we use sustainable producers from Germany or Europe - the transport route should be kept as short as possible.

We also make sure that we have the right quantities of products in the shop. This means that we don't have an unnecessary number of items that might not be sold after a long time and have to be thrown away.

For some things we can even switch completely to "On Demand"!
We can offer prints, stickers and buttons on request.

Shipping of products from different artists

In our shop you can also order products from several artists at the same time and we will pack everything in one parcel - so you only have to pay one shipping fee. That gives us an advantage over established sales platforms, doesn't it? ;)

There's something else going on!

Do you have an idea on how we can improve our work in relation to sustainability or do you even have your own projects going on that you would like to get us excited about? Write us! 💚