Appointment preparation

There are a few things to consider before your tattoo appointment. So that you can prepare well and feel as safe as possible, we have collected some important information here:

Reminder email

A week before your appointment you will receive a small reminder email summarizing some important information. If you have NOT received an appointment reminder a week before the appointment, please write to (or check your spam folder).

If you can't or don't want to come to the appointment, or you notice that you're getting sick, please cancel as early as possible ! We know ourselves that it hurts when a deposit is forfeited, so we can still accommodate you if you cancel as soon as the reminder email reminds you of the appointment. After that, we unfortunately have to insist on keeping the deposit as at least a small compensation for the lack of income and the additional effort in finding an alternative date.

Medical requirements

In order for your appointment to take place, it is important that it has been at least 14 days since you last took antibiotics . (and not planned in the near future). No alcohol or other drugs should be consumed 24 hours before the appointment, nor should any blood-thinning medications (e.g. aspirin, blood thinners). In general, when taking medication and chronic illnesses, all risks should be clarified beforehand.

If you come to the studio with an acute infection, we unfortunately have to send you home, and not just because of the risk of infection. Getting a tattoo is a strain on your body that should not be underestimated and should not be put on it in addition to fighting off a cold or something similar. So please come to your appointment healthy and well-rested .

Preparation of the skin

To ensure that your skin is optimally prepared for your appointment, you should start applying cream to your skin at least once a day a few days beforehand. The softer and less dry the skin is when piercing, the better and easier we can work. However, you should n't apply any cream to your skin on the day of the appointment, we'll take care of that :)

It is also helpful if you shave the area in question (or several if you are still unsure) yourself at home. It's best to do it the evening before so that the skin can calm down a bit before we annoy it with disinfectant. This saves us a bit of waste when it comes to disposable razors, which we would then have to throw away straight away.

Eat Drink

So that your body has enough energy for the upcoming stress, you should definitely have enough breakfast beforehand (if you have an appointment in the afternoon, eat something for lunch).

You are welcome to have a coffee before the appointment - but it should stay at just one ☕

You are welcome to bring a week's supply of snacks, sweets and pastries with you to the appointment itself. However, we recommend packing something boring like a sandwich in addition to snacks 😉
A pack of glucose can also provide you with a little extra energy.
However, for those of us who have to clean afterwards, please make sure not to pack anything that is likely to crumble or stick. (We've found Raffaelo shavings and donut sprinkles in corners even after weeks...)

If you bring a water bottle with you, you can of course fill it up with us. We usually have a selection of drinks on hand, but we still recommend bringing your own favorite drink . A little caffeine is also okay, but please keep it low, as caffeine can increase your blood pressure (bad for tattooing) and may make you tired even quicker than it supposedly keeps you awake.


You are welcome to bring a companion with you to the appointment - but only one. You can chat a little during the appointment, although sometimes we may have to ask you to be a little quieter so that we can concentrate. If your companion doesn't want to sit in the studio the whole time, there are some cafes, restaurants and shops around the studio to pass the time.

If you would like to read about how a tattoo appointment works with us, you can read more here ✨

What to do at...


Please let us know if you are more than 10 minutes late . The best thing to do is to respond briefly to any of our last emails; we can access them from all devices.

In principle, we can also start later, but the delay will be deducted from your appointment time. If we don't finish in the previously agreed time, we won't overstay (we may have follow-up appointments or want to plan our end of work too 🙏). You will still be charged in full for the appointment. At the subsequent completion date, at least our starting price will be charged again. So it's always better to plan a little extra time and pass the time in a nearby café until your appointment.
(And no, we won't "simply work faster", as late customers have already suggested 😉)

If after 30 minutes no one has shown up and hasn't let us know, we'll assume that no one is coming and can't guarantee that we'll even still be in the studio.

Don't come at all

If you do not show up for the appointment without canceling beforehand , the deposit will be forfeited.
of course in any case. If you don't respond to our email afterwards, you will probably not receive a new appointment with us in the future . If you are in the hospital due to an accident and cannot report (I hope not!), that is of course an exception, as long as you can show us any proof 💕

Still questions? 😉

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have via WhatsApp, telephone or via our contact form 💕

But stop! You may also find the answers you are looking for in our collection of frequently asked questions .