This is what happens at the tattoo appointment

Yay, the time has finally come! So that you know what to expect, we have summarized an appointment for you here, as it usually looks like here:

Welcome! Glad you're here 💕

When you arrive in the studio, you can make yourself comfortable on our comfortable sofa.

We will provide you with a clipboard with a declaration of consent , which you are welcome to view here , print out in advance and bring with you.
We then ask for the usual personal data, but also about possible risk factors such as allergies and illnesses. If anything is unclear to you, please feel free to contact us.

In the meantime, the workplace will be cleaned and set up for you. By the way, we only unpack sterile packaged materials (such as needles) in front of you.

Motif discussion

For the next step, we'll take you to the back of our tattoo rooms so that we have more privacy here.
If your motif has not already been decided beforehand, we can work out all the changes at our leisure . Just as a little warning: We'd rather ask you twice more if you're really satisfied than not enough 😋 We want you to leave us satisfied and definitely not tell you anything that you wouldn't be happy with. It's your tattoo and your body 🙏 But we would also like to point out that every now and then we might throw in a few concerns or tips . This has nothing to do with the fact that we personally find something “cooler”, but rather is based on our experiences and always comes with an explanation . Here too: Are you missing a reason why we advise against a part of the body or size of the motif? Ask us, we'll be happy to explain the reasons to you! (We actually do it that way, but sometimes we get a bit stuck in our “we always do it like that” routine 😉).

Applying the motif

Everything looks good? Excellent! Then next we prepare a " stencil " - this is a type of adhesive tattoo that we apply to your skin beforehand so that we can see exactly where we need to work. (you may have seen these purple lines in videos that are being tattooed over) Applying the stencil is sometimes a little more complicated depending on the format and location (look forward to our concentrated and puzzled faces), but that's what makes or breaks it in the end everything. That's why we take all the time we need here so that we - and especially you - are satisfied. If everything worked, the stencil paint still needs to dry a little. This gives you another opportunity to calmly look at your future tattoo in the mirror and possibly file a claim.

By the way: Not all motifs can be printed on stencil paper and transferred appropriately - depending on the part of your body, we may have to draw your tattoo freely on your skin with pens. This takes a little longer and yes, we know that it can feel strange not to see a finished motif beforehand, but it's worth it in the end because we can respond better to your body shape and everything "fits" a little nicer ✨

Let's go!

We'll quickly unpack the sterile needles, fill our paint caps with fresh paint and explain to you how best to position yourself on our lounger. By the way, pillows and blankets are also available so that you can make yourself as comfortable as possible. (If your own blanket gives you a little more feel-good factor, you can of course bring it with you!).

Before we start, let's make sure you're really comfortable and ready . If you need a moment to get involved in the situation, that's not a problem. As soon as we have your “go”, we start slowly and ask after the first few strokes whether everything is still OK. (As I said, we'd rather ask more often) It's completely normal for your system to complain a little in the first few minutes, especially if you were a little more nervous beforehand. Your body notices "oh, that's kind of stupid (reacts with stress)... but not that bad (stress level drops again, sometimes too quickly.)." If you feel uncomfortable in any way or need a short break - just let us know then we'll take a quick breath together until you say that we can continue.

You can ask for a break at any time throughout the appointment. However, we would advise you not to take too many or too long breaks, as your body has to adjust to the situation again after each break, just as it did at the beginning.


Sometimes after a few minutes, sometimes after a few hours, sooner or later we are finished! Done ! Breathe! 🙏
Even large projects that we have announced to you with more than one appointment will eventually reach the point where it would not be a good idea for you, for us or for your skin to continue working.

Your skin now gets a few more minutes of rest and perhaps a cooling cloth to calm itself down at least a little. This will be followed by a small photo shoot for our galleries and for documentation. Don't worry, we're just photographing our work 😋

Then it's time to get your fresh tattoo ready for travel. Unless you have a plaster or adhesive allergy, we prefer to use a foil bandage (brand: Suprasorb). The film is very thin and feels like a second skin that stretches as you move. It ensures that any wound fluid that subsequently escapes can evaporate, but your tattoo is still protected from dirt and friction.

If you don't tolerate the foil well or are unsure, we alternatively have a normal foil that we wrap around your tattoo and stick on itself. But you have to remove this film sooner.

We have written an information page here for everything that comes after your appointment. We will also explain everything to you in detail on site and answer any questions 🩹


After the (hopefully and as far as possible) pleasant time comes something not so pleasant: Pay day ✌️

You can pay by cash or bank transfer if you have an app for this on your phone. Unfortunately, we no longer accept card payments due to excessive fees, sorry!

Afterwards we say goodbye to you and wish you a nice evening and a pleasant way home 🙏💕

Still questions? 😉

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have via WhatsApp, telephone or via our contact form 💕

But stop! You may also find the answers you are looking for in our collection of frequently asked questions .