Tattoos without an appointment

You can get a tattoo with us every first Friday of the month without an appointment!
All you need is a little patience and waiting.

Here we summarize all the important information for you:


Every 1st Friday of the month . If the day falls on a holiday, the walk-in will be rescheduled for the following Friday.
It starts at 11:00 . You can also come in until 3 p.m. at the latest , although all places for the day may already be taken by then. Just give us a quick call to ask what the situation is.
Depending on how many were there before, you may have to be patient until your turn. We can usually roughly estimate how long you will have to wait - in the meantime you can also get busy in the city center, have a coffee or go out for something to eat. If things go faster than expected, we will call you.

If too many people have already arrived, we'll unfortunately have to put you off until the next time - even if you were there on time at the start. Alternatively, you can of course also arrange a fixed appointment with us directly 😉

Who tattoos?

Our walk-ins are taken care of by Chrissy on most days ✌️

What is tattooed?

Since we hardly have any time to prepare at the walk-in, only small motifs that don't need to be changed much, such as symbols or lettering, are suitable for this. Sometimes we also prepare small wannados for walk-ins. You are welcome to bring your wish printed out in your desired size - but of course we can also take a look with you. how it suits best.

If your wish cannot be implemented at the walk-in, we can arrange an appointment directly instead! 💕

How much do walk-in tattoos cost?

As always, the prices are very individual - but most walk-in tattoos will be between €80 and €200 💸

Still questions? 😉

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have via WhatsApp, telephone or via our contact form 💕

But stop! You may also find the answers you are looking for in our collection of frequently asked questions .