Tattoo aftercare

Unless you are allergic to plasters, your fresh tattoo will be covered with a foil bandage . This allows wound fluids to evaporate, still keeps your tattoo slightly moist and prevents dirt and germs from getting on the injured skin.

After two days you can remove the film, preferably under warm, running water. Don't tear the film off like a plaster, but rather start at one corner and pull it lengthwise. Wash your tattoo without soap by gently rubbing it. Then dab it with a fresh kitchen paper (not a towel!) or let it air dry directly.

Now it's time to cream, cream, cream! You can buy our favorite cream directly from us in the studio. In the first week, you should apply cream to your tattoo more than three times a day - or in other words: it should always be slightly moist and supple, but not covered with a thick layer of cream. So it's better to apply it more often and only in a thin film.

After a week you can also use another moisturizer. The tattoo usually needs to be left with cream for around 3 weeks - but you will notice for yourself what your body needs.

For up to 3 weeks after the tattoo, you should definitely avoid sun , heavy sweating , bathing and stress on the skin through sport or friction. Of course you can and should shower, but make sure that the water is not too hot and that no strongly scented shampoo/shower gel runs over the injured skin - this could be unpleasant. It's best to wear loose clothing that doesn't chafe or lint. If you can't avoid this, you can protect the affected area by covering it with cling film (covered with a cream film). However, this is only recommended sparingly. The longer it can heal in the air, the better.

Please also note that it can sometimes take several months for your tattoo to heal completely . So continue to be careful. It can happen that the fresh tattoo oozes, remains red for several days, hurts, itches or flakes of skin and ink come off (comparable to a sunburn). This is completely normal and part of the healing process. Important: Do not scratch , do not touch unnecessarily and especially do not touch it with dirty hands!

If you have any further questions or problems arise, you can contact us at any time ✨


Sometimes as your tattoo heals, some lines may disappear and small gaps may appear. Most of the time we prefer to be a little more careful when working than to pierce too much or too deep. We can of course “repair” these gaps free of charge at a so-called follow-up appointment .

If you feel like your tattoo could use a little more ink in a few places, just send us an email with photos. Please note that the tattoo should be at least 5 weeks old, as your skin will change the most during healing by then. The agreed follow-up appointment should not take place longer than 6 months after your appointment - otherwise we will have to charge you €50 towards the cost.