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Tattoo voucher

Tattoo voucher


Are you looking for the perfect gift for an ink-loving friend? Then our vouchers are just the thing!

- OK stop, that's what everyone says. But hey, we finally have vouchers!

Each voucher is also packed in a stylish black envelope. The “from” and “for” fields remain unlabeled.
If you order several vouchers, please tell us when ordering whether you want them in one or more envelopes.

If you have any questions about how much a friend's wish would cost with us or whether it could even be implemented with us, just write us an email to, we will be happy to advise you.

Please read the terms and conditions before purchasing a voucher:

1. Tattoo vouchers are only valid in the original with our signature.

2. Tattoo vouchers are transferable, the “for” and “from” fields are only used for private personalization.

3. Multiple tattoo vouchers can be redeemed at the same time.

4. Vouchers cannot be paid out.

5. If there is a remaining amount after redemption, a new tattoo voucher will be issued.

6. Tattoo vouchers expire after the statutory limitation period of 3 years after issue.

7. A tattoo voucher does not guarantee an appointment with a specific tattoo artist at a specific time, but only serves as an alternative means of payment.

8. We reserve the right to refuse tattoo requests if they do not comply with our guidelines.

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