Pride Walk In - Juli 2024

Pride Walk In - July 2024

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Just like last year, we are celebrating Pride Month with you again!
There But since we have so many conventions coming up in June (and you too?), we've planned Pride Month for the beginning of July. It's not so bad, is it?
We would like to donate part of the proceeds again. Do you have any suggestions as to who we could support this year? ❤
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Included are | Marlene | Claud's
@annakersten_tattoo | Anna | Chrissy | Klaudia
@emiirions.rumpelkammer | Emily
Please take into account that there may be waiting times! ✨
WannaDos will be released soon!

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All information again in brief:
When? Saturday, 06.07.2024
Where? Atelier Katzengold, Wallstraße 56, 40878 Ratingen
Time? 12-4pm, last tattoos accepted at 4pm
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