Neues Jahr, neue Location, neue Website!

New year, new location, new website!

Happy New Year! 🥳

A lot has changed for us at the turn of the year: We have moved to a completely new location! There are still a few boxes and piles of chaos in every corner, but you know how it is - at some point there will be that ONE box (or three) that will just be pushed out of the way for the next few years.

Overall, the shop space has become a little smaller, but much more usable than the two separate floors we had before. Of course, there will soon be a small photo gallery on our website ✨

Thanks to our own entrance area (finally!), we can finally offer you opening hours starting this year! We're not quite sure yet whether the days and times will stay like this and whether we'll like it, but we'll only see when we try it out.

Feel free to join us on January 27th. Visit us for our get-to-know-you day! More information will follow soon 🙏

What you've probably already noticed is that our website has also been spruced up! Everything is a little more organized, a little more detailed and hopefully - well - just better than before. There have been a few typos here and there, which we will correct within the next few days. What was more important to us was getting the website up and running again as quickly as possible.

What do you think? We would like to try out the comment function here 😉

Otherwise, maybe we'll see each other in our new rooms 💕
Until then: Stay healthy, stay colorful!


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