Halloween Walk In

Halloween walk in

We know we're a little early with our announcement - but that way you can plan a little better, right?

This year we are also preparing a walk-in for Halloween for you.
We will be diligently preparing WannaDos, which you can then get stung by us on the walk-in day.

Definitely included:

Marlene | Lunakia.tattoo
Claud's | Mottomuoto
Chrissy | villagewitch.tattoo
Anna | annakersten_tattoo
Aileen | kabri_tattoos
Ryan | inkedpossum
Klaudia | Nijashe

And here again all the information in brief:
When? Sat., October 28, 2023
Where? Semmerstr., 40882 Ratingen
Time? 12-4 p.m

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